Why Are More Women Investing in Crypto?

cryptoinvesting Mar 14, 2022

It has been said that “Cryptocurrency is a 21st century financial instrument with a very 20th century problem: not enough women.”

Today, the tide appears to have changed as several studies now reveal that more women are actively securing their rightful place in the crypto space - women aren’t just investors, they are also the movers and shakers of this fast growing sector.

What factors led to this growth? Who are the biggest women personalities that are making an impact in the crypto space today? Read on and find out.


If there’s one commonly shared view that most people have or tend to agree on when it comes to the traditional financial services sector, it is most probably that it is male-dominated. That negative connotation, however, doesn’t appear to apply in the fast-growing crypto space as recent studies reveal.

In fact, a report that was interestingly enough published just before this year’s International Women’s Day indicated an increase in participation from female investors in a popular crypto exchange.

To be more specific, the report revealed that women users of the said crypto exchange have seen a growth of 130 percent on a year-on-year basis and that the 18-35 age group dominates the female user base, with about every three out of five women users coming from this age bracket.

Similarly, a recent survey found that “nearly one in three American women say that they are planning to purchase cryptocurrencies in 2022.”

It also shared that one of its major findings is that “the majority of women surveyed have a high degree of faith in the long-term investment potential of cryptocurrencies - buying and HODLing crypto.”

If you think that women are only FOMOing into the crypto space as investors, though, you better think again.


For those wondering what the future holds for women in the crypto space, a vivid glimpse of that future can now be seen as women make a mark in this fast-growing community and also pave the way for many others to do so.

Helping to provide guidance and nurture innovation in the crypto space are state officials such as US Securities & Exchange Commission Commissioner Hester Peirce and National Bank of Cambodia Director General Chea Serey.

Crypto investors also look up to the likes of Ark Invest CEO Cathie Woods who have been more than vocal about her outlook on the crypto market, while innovators and blockchain tech enthusiasts turn their attention to the likes of Zilliqa Head of Metaverse & NFT Sandra Helou.  

Media personalities such as Eleanor Terrett and Laura Shin are also noted for keeping the crypto community abreast of relevant news and updates.

This trend, however, doesn’t come as a surprise to those who fully understand what democratization of finance really means. Cryptocurrencies are investment tools for everyone to benefit from, which is what makes the crypto space an exciting sector to be in and crypto investing a truly life-changing endeavor.

We at Cake DeFi, for one, expect more innovations and breakthroughs to come very soon and which will benefit everyone in the community, and we really hope that you’ll be part of the future today.

If you want to be part of Cake DeFi’s fast-growing team, thrive in a working environment that offers opportunities for all, and take part in transforming and decentralizing finance with tomorrow’s technology, you may browse for openings in our jobs section.

Happy International Women’s Day and happy “baking!”



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