Monetize Your Crypto Influence with Custom Smart Bundles

Jun 21, 2024

You watch the crypto markets. 

You hear, read and see alpha opportunities everywhere: on socials, the media, community groups, and perhaps your family and (degen) friends.

But what if you could create custom bundles of crypto assets you believe will be the next big thing?

What if you could share your investment ideas with others who gain exposure and benefit from your knowledge?

Well now you can, and it’s called Custom Smart Bundles by Bake.

Now you can make money from your crypto knowledge by creating and recommending your own Custom Smart Bundles.

What is a Custom Smart Bundle?

In simple terms, a Custom Smart Bundle is your personalized selection from a group of vetted crypto projects and their respective tokens that you believe are worthy of investing because they could pump and be the next big thing.

It’s your personalized selection from a multitude of project tokens that you combine together to create one Custom Smart Bundle.

Often, a Custom Smart Bundle reflects your belief in the viability of a group of crypto projects, an industry sector, protocols, technologies, communities, leadership, or a combination of all.

Example: If you believe AI is the next hottest technology and industry sector that’s ripe to rally (read: pump), then you may have an affinity towards the leading AI crypto projects and their tokens. By combining the top AI tokens into one Custom Smart Bundle, you’re curating your beliefs into an investable crypto asset, personalized and customized by you.   

How do Custom Smart Bundles work?

We’ve made it easy for your to create your own Custom Smart Bundle, in just 3 steps:

  1. Create: Build your bundle by selecting and combining multiple cryptocurrencies into a single customized basket of tokens (aka your Custom Smart Bundle). Once you’ve selected the tokens you want to combine, assign a percentage weighting to each token (i.e., how much should each token represent in your bundle, by percentage, with the total adding up to 100%) to align with your investment strategy.
  2. Recommend: Once you’ve created your own Custom Smart Bundle, it’s time to share your idea with the world. Promote your unique investment strategy across your social media channels and your family and friend networks, helping others benefit from your insights and expertise.
  3. Earn: You’ll get an exclusive affiliate link tracking your commissions and bonuses earned every time someone new signs up and buys your bundle for each Custom Smart Bundle you create. 

Who are Custom Smart Bundles for?

If you have an audience who follows your crypto expertise, this is for you.

Now, with Custom Smart Bundles, the days of being asked, "Where's the next alpha, or what are you watching?" can translate into action and income for you.

People listen to you and follow you, but it's not always straightforward to gain exposure to the narratives, industries, projects, and tokens you're accumulating. Sometimes, it requires buying multiple single assets, and not all of them are available in one place, platform, or exchange. Cross-wallet, bridging, and delving into DeFi isn't for everyone because not all your followers might be as savvy as you.

Now, you can bundle your beliefs into your own Customized Smart Bundle that gives you a unique link to share with your audience. It allows you to monetize your influence and help your audience gain exposure to the projects you believe could be the next big thing.

Thanks to Custom Smart Bundles by Bake, transferring your crypto expertise into action and income has never been easier.

What are the benefits of creating a Custom Smart Bundle?

Custom Smart Bundles enable you to create and share personalized investment strategies amongst your circle of influence—be it your followers, family or friends.

You have knowledge and an opinion on the crypto markets and can now monetize it. 

When others buy your Custom Smart Bundle investment idea, you earn affiliate commissions, as illustrated in the table below:

Additionally, you'll earn a $5 bonus for every new sign-up who buys your Custom Bundle. We've made it a win-win situation: Your friend also gets a bonus!

When you think of Custom Smart Bundle earning opportunities, think ‘Amazon Associates’ and social sharing. You create bundles tailored to your investment strategy, sectors, and narratives you believe in and earn commissions for your traffic and influence.

With Custom Smart Bundles, you can:

  • Craft and customize unique crypto investment ideas into bundled assets.
  • Choose from over 110+ assets to curate baskets based on your investment strategies, preferred sectors, and trending narratives.
  • Leverage your thought leadership by sharing your bundles with your followers, build your community and influence, and save your audience time and effort researching individual tokens.
  • Earn lucrative rewards: Up to 50% commissions and $5 bonuses for you and your friends when they invest in your bundles.

We’ve also made it easy for you to calculate your potential profits using the earnings calculator:

It’s time to start monetizing your crypto expertise while helping your audience get access to the alpha you know is coming.

👉 Start building your Custom Smart Bundle today.


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