#BreakTheBias: A Special International Women’s Day Conversation With the Women of Cake DeFi

bitcoin Mar 8, 2022

Given the democratizing nature of cryptocurrencies and the technology behind them, it doesn’t come as a surprise that many have deemed the fast-growing crypto space as the “great equalizer”.

Sharing that belief, Cake DeFi - since inception - has made it our mission to continuously create such opportunities for both customers and team members, which has led the company to proudly appoint women crypto specialists and proponents as part of its highly-dynamic team.

As it turns out, however, the rest of the world has yet to catch up with the idea as recent studies paint a rather dampening picture on the current state of crypto investing for women: that, apparently, it's a man’s world after all.

Do the women of Cake DeFi agree? How did they start their crypto journey in the first place? And what advice do they have for those seeking to make an impact on the crypto space like what they are doing right now? Find out in this special International Women’s Day edition.


When was the first time that you heard about cryptocurrencies?

WERN LUK: I heard about cryptocurrencies back in 2017. So, I decided to read the Bitcoin whitepaper and was fascinated by the technology and the promise that it holds. I then decided to involve myself in the industry a couple of years later.

DARIA: Same with me. I also heard about cryptocurrencies back in 2017, when BTC’s price rose and everyone was talking about it.

What made you decide to start investing in crypto? Describe how that pivotal moment was like.

LETICIA: A lot of it was FOMO and also fear of being obsolete and not in the know. So, I decided to give it a go after having a chat with a friend who is an avid crypto investor.

YUE JIAO WEE: For me, I started investing in cryptocurrencies in 2021 because my friends who are into cryptocurrencies are always sharing information about their coins, their experiences and investments. Hence, I decided to try investing in it as well.

DIONNE: My crypto journey started when I started receiving a small bonus in ETH, and then the ETH prices spiked. That's when I decided to start reading more about crypto and learn more about crypto investing.

And now, you’re part of Cake DeFi. What made you decide to take your interest in crypto up a notch by joining one of the fastest-growing DeFi companies in the crypto space?

CHRISNEL: I strongly believe that, if you want to learn or experience something, you have to really dive into it. Joining a crypto company was an opportunity for me to be exposed to something I was always inquisitive about.

DIPTI: For me, there were two reasons: I wanted to learn more about DeFi and know more about Cake DeFi’s products and services. So, I told myself “Just join Cake DeFI then. You’ll get to do both.” And so I did.

LETICIA: This is the perfect time to be in a crypto company - especially one that is scaling as quickly as Cake DeFi. I like being in the front seat, watching Cake DeFi's trajectory to greatness.


That’s interesting because studies show that the crypto space is male-dominated and, thus, painting a picture that women are less-likely to be interested in crypto, let alone invest in it. What’s your take on this: do you agree or disagree?

DIPTI: Yes, the crypto community is male-dominated right now. However, we have seen a significant increase in the number of women joining the industry. I know because I work as a Talent Acquisition Specialist at Cake DeFi and I can see that there’s a huge demand for talented women who can potentially make an impact on the crypto space.

WERN LUK: The finance and tech space have always been male-dominated. It is not surprising that this would also manifest within the crypto space.

CHRISNEL: As for me, I think I would have to disagree because four years ago, I attended an event in the Philippines called the "Women in Blockchain". Sure, the crypto space may be male-dominated for now but there are female-led crypto communities that are centered at promoting not just crypto’s technological advancements but gender balance as well. In any case, what matters is that whether you’re a man or a woman, we all share the same purpose and passion for crypto.

What do you think are the challenges or reservations that some women may have against cryptocurrencies? Any advice on how to address those?

SILVIA: Some women think that they are not capable of understanding the mechanics behind crypto investing or cryptocurrencies as a whole. As advice, I would tell other women that understanding both requires a good amount of research and studying - just like any other topic or subject.

DARIA: Another challenge is that some look at the crypto industry or cryptocurrencies as something controversial. There’s still a lot of misinformation about this space, that’s why it would be really great to hear more people - especially women - talk about and share their experiences with crypto.

SEKLI: That said, I think that - regardless of what challenge or reservation you may have against crypto - nothing is more expensive than a missed opportunity. Sure, the journey to learning more about crypto or crypto investing is challenging but you can take it step-by-step. You can also start investing with just a small amount and set limits if you want.


What’s the best thing about working at Cake DeFi?

LETICIA: There are 7 team principles that the company lives and breathes by which, to me, is such a clear manual for how they expect you to operate. They are not fluffy or ephemeral core values. Instead, the founders lay out specific actions or behaviors that they are looking for. And they are aligned with how I am as a person, especially the team principles of radical candor, ownership and resourcefulness.

SILVIA: I share the same sentiment: Cake DeFi’s company culture is what really stands out for me. We are not focused on "work-work-work-WEEKEND-rest”. We are focused on loving what we do, enjoying the time with our colleagues and treating everyone with respect. We really do work smarter, for that matter.

CHRISNEL: Same with me, and I also love how the company values our users by delivering quality products, services, support, and transparency.

SEKLI: As for me, I don’t know of any other private company that is as transparent, open and honest as Cake DeFi. The company also provides numerous staff benefits including such as healthcare, medical insurance, employee stock ownership plan, company trips and many more. Joining Cake DeFi is really the best thing that happened in my career.


All in all, what does crypto investing and working for Cake DeFi mean to you as a woman?

YUE JIAO WEE: Working in Cake DeFi allows me to be part of a community where members are assessed based on their capabilities and not on their gender. I am certainly proud to be part of the company.

CHRISNEL: At Cake DeFi, we respect each other’s culture, beliefs, and opinions. It’s a testament that gender is not a roadblock for anyone who wants to work for a crypto company, let alone investing in cryptocurrency. I hope this can be a motivation for women who want to be part of the crypto space.

LETICIA: Undeniably, women are under-represented in the tech and crypto space. Representation matters - when I was interviewing with Cake DeFi, I had concerns about being a working mother in a crypto startup, especially since crypto never sleeps. Speaking to my recruiter who was a working mother herself and knowing that there were many other working mothers / parents in the company gave me comfort and reassurance that working at Cake DeFi would allow me to balance both my personal needs and professional goals.

DARIA: I do believe that crypto is the future of money and it is great to be a part of this journey, together with Cake DeFi.

WERN LUK: Mass adoption of crypto will not be possible without greater participation from women in the crypto space. DeFi has great potential to drive the economic empowerment of women and increasing gender equality. As much as the world is being changed by crypto, we are responsible for shaping its trajectory, and I’m happy to be able to play a small part in this.

Any special message for women and Cake DeFi users on this occasion of International Women’s Day celebration?

YUE JIAO WEE: Happy International Women's Day! Let's start baking our income together with Cake DeFi.

CHRISNEL: Gender should not be a barrier for taking benefit from opportunities - whether in the crypto space or otherwise. Let’s stay curious and keep asking questions until we find the answers. If you’re looking for a sign, it’s this one. Kudos! Also, don’t forget to get your slice of Cake at app.cakedefi.com

SILVIA: Be proud of who you became. Go out and inspire others!

DIONNE: Amazing things happen when women help other women. Let's help each other on our crypto journey!

WERN LUK: Thank you for being on this journey with us!

DIPTI: Time to turn tables around and lead our way into the Defi World!!!

DARIA: Go treat yourself and get a slice of Cake.

If you want to be part of Cake DeFi’s fast-growing team, thrive in a working environment that offers opportunities for all, and take part in transforming and decentralizing finance with tomorrow’s technology, you may browse for openings in our jobs section.

Happy International Women’s Day and happy “baking!”



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