Cake DeFi Successfully Completes Audit Conducted by Cure53

Apr 29, 2022

We proudly add another feather in our cap as we successfully complete a security assessment conducted by top IT security consultancy firm Cure53 and receive positive remarks - particularly on our UI, backend API, and underlying servers.

The assessment, which kickstarted in February 2022, entailed a penetration test and a general review of the observable security premise. It also involved a team of four Cure53 testers that investigated the scope through a range of methods and which, ultimately, led the consultancy firm to acquire evidence-based knowledge and give a positive verdict on the robustness that Cake DeFi provides.

“Security has and will always be a top priority for all of us at Cake DeFi,” said Cake DeFi CTO & Co-Founder U-Zyn Chua.

“Many crypto companies, actually, have the same claim. The difference with us, though, is that we have proof and that it is backed by a top security consultancy firm in Cure53. Security is a big deal in the crypto space, and that it is something that we can clearly assure our customers of.” he added.

For more information, you may click here to download the official Management Summary provided by Cure53.


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