Cake as a One-Stop-Platform for all your finances - Step 1: ✅

cake Nov 4, 2020

Recently, Cake made a post about the vision of becoming a one-stop-platform for all financial needs and services, easily enabling everyone to get a slice of the financial market.

Today we are proud to announce that with the new Fiat On-Ramp, Cake has achieved a major milestone towards that big goal, easily enabling anyone to go from "nothing to do with crypto" to full on "generating passive income on BTC and various other cryptocurrencies".

The Journey from Financial Newbie to Passive Income Stream all on Cake

  1. Start with nothing but cash - no passive income stream, no investments, no cryptocurrencies, nothing.
  2. Register your free account on Cake - it takes less than a minute and may change your financial situation & well-being forever.
  3. Verify your email address & identity - To comply with international laws and regulations, Cake securely verifies your email address & identity.
  4. Click on "Buy BTC" in the menu - make a big step towards financial independence and secure yourself some sweet Bitcoin or Ether!
  5. Enter the risk-free Cake Lapis for 10% cashflow on your BTC - or try out any of Cake's other investment services such as Staking and the upcoming Liquidity Mining with an estimated APY of over 300% at the beginning!

One small step for you, one giant leap for your financial independence.

Going from financial newbie all the way to securing passive income on Cake literally takes less than 10 minutes of work, yet brings you a 10% APY.

And the most important part: You can now achieve all of this just via Cake - there is no need for any third party like an Exchange for example.

With this, Cake has achieved one more major milestone towards the big vison of becoming the one-stop-platform for all financial needs & services, with many more to come!

The Cake Team thanks you for being part of this amazing journey together with us.

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