Baking on Moon: DOGE Liquidity Mining for +420% APY!!

Jan 29, 2021

Hey bakers,

Elon's final destination may be Mars, but with DOGE we're currently heading straight TO MOON 🚀🚀

So of course it didn't take long for our master bakers and confectioners to prepare something delicious for the journey: DOGE Liquidity Mining directly on Cake DeFi for APYs of over 420%!!

The recipe is as follows:

  • 50,000 DFI to be distributed in total as Rewards. This amount will be sponsored by Cake DeFi.
  • The community is cordially invited to provide companions with provisions as well and to donate DFI themselves - some such generous DOGE fans have already been found! DOGE IS LOVE, DOGE IS LIFE!
  • Deposits are already starting tomorrow!
  • The first 24 hours rewards will be 0.01 DFI per block, after that 1 DFI per block!

The funding address:

If you want to provide DFI for DOGE Liquidity Mining, this is the donation address: dbzD1wUTqb1WQLHv9jz5M2fMF1h9VqaXyK

Baking. Barking. Benefiting from Liquidity Mining - Click Here to Register for Cake DeFi and let's get the dough rolling!

Your Cake DeFi Team


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