When is the right time to buy or sell cryptocurrencies?

crypto Oct 18, 2020

Making money with cryptocurrencies can be stressful, complicated and chaotic.

And that’s because they have one very big downside compared to most other types of assets:

To actually make money, you have to find the right time to sell (and buy) cryptocurrencies.

Unlike more traditional investments like stocks or real estate, cryptocurrencies don’t generate passive income and earn you monthly or yearly dividends.

That’s why at some point, most people in crypto try out (day)trading, chart analysis, and similar… only to realize that even though they have put in a ton of work, in the end they actually lost money instead of making more!

And they are not to blame… there just weren’t any real alternatives to making money with cryptocurrencies.

That is, until now!

How to actually generate income on your crypto

There is a new, revolutionary way to generate passive income with cryptocurrencies… completely transparent, risk-free and without any work involved from your part!

This is how it works:

On Exchanges such as Kraken, traders can take long/short positions with up to 5x leverage on cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

Leverage means that instead of trading for example 1 BTC, they are now trading with 5 BTC - without owning 4 of those 5 BTC themselves.

The 4 BTC are borrowed from the exchange against a certain fee - in the case of Kraken, currently about 22% per year (0.01% every 4 hours).

Kraken Leverage Fees

Of course those Exchanges need to have large amounts of these BTCs themselves somewhere, and therefore work with institutional partners who provide them for a share of the fees (e.g. 8% per year).

Until now, this way of generating income from cryptocurrencies has been exclusive to institutions or private investors with a capital of $1M upwards…

But in 2019, Cake DeFi had one simple idea - to allow everyone in the cryptospace to generate passive income on their crypto holdings.

What this means for you

You can profit from the high return, low risk ways to make money not accessible to the average crypto investor before.

Cake DeFi allows you to passively generate cashflow of up to 7.5% on your BTC, 7.5% on your ETH or 8% on your USDT.

For you to lose any money at all, whole exchanges would have to go bankrupt. And even in the extremely unlikely event that this happens, at Cake all your assets are fully insured by certified custodians, so your risk is practically 0%, while still maintaining a huge upside for you.

Click Here to Register at Cake for Free & Earn Passive Income on Your Cryptocurrencies.



The most transparent way to get cashflow from your cryptocurrencies.

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