Unveiling the Bake Mobile App: A Journey of Innovation and Empowerment

Jul 4, 2023

On 10 July 2023, we'll unveil the new Bake mobile app - a beacon of innovation marking a significant milestone in the evolution of Cake DeFi to Bake.

What inspired this groundbreaking transformation?

How did we meticulously weave user needs into its fabric?

Join us as we journey behind the scenes with key team members to explore the ideation, inspiration, and customer obsession approach that fueled the creation of the new Bake mobile app.

The future is here today. It's time to take control of your financial destiny.

The Birth of Bake and its Manifestation

The transition from Cake DeFi to Bake was more than just a name change. Julian Hosp, Bake CEO explains, "The word 'Bake' describes an action;. symbolizing continuous growth., Building and baking new experiences for customers. It represents our customers: baking, in control, in action. Principles reflecting the essence of our new Bake brand and brand new app.” " The principle of continual growth and empowerment is the essence of our new Bake brand and the brand-new app.

By, embodying our brand's promise, customers to take control of their financial destiny, 'Bake' signifies the core values we've staunchly adhered to since our inception: trust, transparency, and simplicity.

For deeper insights you can watch the recorded live broadcast of our recently held "Cake-aversary" event. During this session, both Julian and our CTO, U-Zyn Chua, delve into the essence of 'Bake' and the guiding principles that shape the company.

Crafting with Clarity, Reliability, and Control

Ying Zhong, VP of Product, attributes the development of the new Bake mobile app to a customer-centric approach. According to YZ, the new Bake mobile app was built on three core pillars: Clarity, Reliability and Control.

  • Clarity: ensuring app's features are straightforward and easy to navigate, providing a pleasant experience for both new users and seasoned investors.
  • Reliability: essential to our commitment to safe, predictable returns. The new app allows users to predict their payout up to the minute, straight from the home screen.
  • Control: a feature many customers requested. Now customers can compare average APYs at a glance with the new return prediction calculator. The future returns calculator enabling users to identify the best performing asset/product combination at any time.

Designing for Experience

At Bake, design goes beyond aesthetics. This belief is reflected in the crafting of the new Bake mobile app, where VP of Design, Maik Lutze and his team underscored the importance of creating a user experience that profoundly resonates with our customers.

“Design is not just about how something looks. It's about how it feels, how it works, how it integrates into your everyday life. That’s why, in order to create an entirely new experience, we had to let go of everything we did so far. That meant starting with an entirely blank slate and spending more than 250 hours talking to our customers.” he explained.

Engineering Excellence

Petar Vudragovic, Bake Engineering Lead, highlights the goal to create a platform that is robust, intuitive and user-friendly. To achieve this, the team undertook rigorous changes and innovations:

  • The mobile app was completely rebuilt from scratch, eliminating old issues and providing a clear structure for developers.
  • The codebase was improved based on the experience of the last 4 years, fixing all existing bugs and creating a codebase easily localized for new international markets.
  • The new Bake app is customizable for new products and services, paving the ground for many new features in the coming months.
  • A design system was implemented through a component library to ensure consistency and speed up app development.
  • App testing was improved by automating QA processes, ensuring a reliable, user-friendly, and efficient app.

Why the New Bake Mobile App Will Be Amazing

We believe the Bake mobile app will be a game-changer because it is designed to empower you to take control of your financial destiny. As Julian Hosp puts it, "With the new app, you have the tools, the guidance, and the confidence to shape your financial future. So, what are you waiting for? Bake it, make it. Love it."

The Bake mobile app is a testament to our commitment to trust, transparency, and simplicity. It's not just an app; it's your financial destiny in the palm of your hands. So brace yourselves for a revolutionary financial management experience coming this July!

A Special Note for ELITE Members

We are thrilled to announce that the new Bake mobile app will provide exclusive features and functions designed solely for you. Be on the lookout as we unveil these impressive attributes soon.

Until then, check out the latest updates on ELITE benefits and rewards or visit our FAQ page for more information. If you want to join cakeELITE but haven’t signed up for a Cake DeFi account yet, click here.

DISCLAIMER: Please note that the information on this blog and in any articles posted on this blog is for general information only and should not be relied upon as financial advice. Cake Pte. Ltd., Cake DeFi, UAB, and its affiliates (the “Cake Group”) are not licensed financial advisers. You may wish to approach your own independent financial advisor before making any decision to buy, sell or hold any product and/or digital assets mentioned in this blog.

Any views, opinions, references, assertions of fact and/or other statements are not necessarily the views held by the Cake Group. The Cake Group disclaims any liability whatsoever that may arise out of or in connection with such statements. Always do your own research before investing in any financial assets and consult a qualified financial advisor if necessary.



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