Top 5 Crypto Platforms With The Highest Returns in 2022

Feb 3, 2022

If you are looking for ways to boost your income, it usually helps to think a bit outside of the box. Cryptocurrencies seem like a volatole asset class, however, with Decentralized Finance (DeFi) it's still possible to profit in the long run, especially with the new DeFi products introduced by crypto platforms.

Especially in times like these, a crypto investment, for instance, is considered the perfect investment to generate a fabulous additional income by entering the world of Decentralized Finance. This has become possible, as various crypto platforms have introduced savings accounts and other crypto investment vehicles with impressive interest rates.

These platforms serve as a great investment opportunity for crypto holders. Investing in the right crypto and DeFi products, it is possible to generate a regular income which allows you to achieve your financial goals: It be a new car, a dream vacation or financial independence.

To get the best possible yield, it is essential to understand the platforms and their key features and products. Here are the top 5 crypto platforms, offering the highest returns.

*certain jurisdictions may be ineligible for bonuses


Putting your crypto to work opens up myriad new investment possibilities. However, there are numerous crypto investment platforms that offer interest by holding crypto in their savings account. Most of them let you even earn interest on your stablecoins - similar to your savings account. As an investor, you just need to make a suitable choice depending on your risk appetite and the type of cryptocurrency you currently hold or would like to invest.

Based on our analysis above, we find that Cake DeFi is the overall best platform to invest your cryptos. It does not only offer competitive interest rates for their crypto savings product, but also curated products with returns of as high as 150+% APY. Investing with Cake DeFi is easy and with our focus on the latest security implementations, your funds are always as safe and secure as possible. Start your Cake DeFi journey right here and get for a limited time only a $30 sign up bonus when you invest a minimum of $50.*

*certain jurisdictions may be ineligible for bonuses

Register directly for Cake DeFi here:

*certain jurisdictions may be ineligible for bonuses


The most transparent way to get cashflow from your cryptocurrencies.

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