Supercharge Your DFI Rewards With Our Lunar Promotion

Jan 27, 2022

In East Asia, New Year (often referred to as Lunar New Year or Chinese New Year) is celebrated at a different time — usually at the end of January / early February. During this week, the extended family comes together for a big family reunion dinner with symbolic festive foods. Those celebrating would also use the color red and the lucky number 8 for decorations, as these have a symbolic meaning that represents bringing everyone together, infinite amounts of good luck, great fortune, and prosperity for the entire year.

Beginning on January 31, Cake DeFi will celebrate the Lunar New Year / Year of the Tiger with all our bakers. As part of the celebration, we will be activating our Lunar Freezer from 27 January to 11 Februar to accelerate your DFI rewards to the moon.

So crank up the oven because this dough is set to rise! To get the most out of your DFI, we've created some special recipes for you. Just follow the steps below to enjoy more DFI rewards this Lunar New Year.

To the Moon Recipe: Step 1. Use the Lunar Freezer to Boost Your Daily Cash Flow by 7%

For a limited time only (from 13:00 SGT on January 27 to 13:00 SGT on February 11), the Cake DeFi "Lunar Freezer" will bring all the good luck to your assets and boost your daily cash flow. In order to activate it, log in to your Cake DeFi account and navigate to your Freezer.

By entering any Liquidity Mining Freezer for a minimum of 12 months, including the dToken Freezer and the DFI Staking Freezer (excluding the DASH Staking Freezer), you will receive an additional 7% DFI that will be invested into the Staking Freezer for a period of one year.

The maximum amount of DFI that can be received as a 7% DFI Staking Freezer Bonus per user is $88 — an accumulative figure across all entries.

To the Moon Recipe Step 2. Accountability partners while earning infinite amounts of DFI

Hold your friends and family accountable and work together to achieve personal financial goals. There is no limit to how many referees and DFI rewards you can get (though there is a time limit).

From 13:00 SGT (05:00 UTC) on 27 January 2022 to 13:00 SGT (05:00 UTC) on 11 February 2022, any new or existing Cake DeFi customer who successfully refers a new user (identity verified and with a minimum $50 deposit) can redeem an extra 8 DFI referral bonus.

How does it work?

  • This additional promotional 8 DFI referral bonus will be added to the referrer's current referral bonus.
  • In addition to the current referee bonus, the referee will receive 8 DFI.
  • The total DFI referral bonus will be applied to both the referrer and referee's respective Staking Freezer for a minimum of 180 days, with DFI staking rewards being awarded every 12 hours. They can use the DFI outside of the Freezer after 180 days and apply it to any other Cake DeFi product.

Who is eligible?

All new customers that sign up with a referral code during the campaign period, inclusive:

  • Customers who have not completed KYC verification and have never made a first-time deposit before.
  • Customers who have completed KYC verification but have yet to make their first deposit.


The upcoming Lunar New Year / Year of the Tiger, will be celebrated by billions of people all over the world. At Cake DeFi, we've used this opportunity to celebrate with our Bakers in order to unleash more rewards, and we've jumped on the Lunar Express to send your cash flow to the moon.

Our Lunar campaign is not only a celebration of a new year in the Chinese calendar, but also a celebration of all our bakers, and a way for us to show our appreciation and give back to our community with amazing rewards.

Happy baking!

Your Cake DeFi family


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