Road to Unicorn: Cake DeFi’s 2021 Reflection and 2022 Outlook

Feb 7, 2022

Dear Cake DeFi Customers, Partners, and Prospects!

After our strong Q3 2021, we had high expectations for Q4. The crypto markets started well, driven by the Bitcoin Futures ETF expectations, marking a bullish October and driving Bitcoin to an all-time high of 69,000 USD in mid-November. At that point, however, the FED signaled a more hawkish directive for the upcoming months, which took a lot of risk appetite out of the market, taking not only the crypto market, but furthermore the entire tech sector down. At the end of the fourth quarter and the year 2021, Bitcoin was pretty much back to the price where it started the three months prior, creating quite a bearish mood within the community. Nevertheless, the team, well rested from the summer holidays, performed well, and we delivered spot on over all departments, allowing us to reach our aggressive internal goals we set at the beginning of 2021 and the beginning of Q4:

  1. We managed to almost double our confirmed users in Q4 and to tenfold our users over 2021.
  2. 230 mil USD were paid to customers as rewards in 2021. Rewards for Q4 2021 were 74 million USD. We managed to increase our customer assets in Q4 (despite the crypto drop) and to sixfold our customer assets over 2021.
  3. Product-wise, our goal was to offer all kinds of asset classes via decentralized assets on Cake DeFi. Apart from the loan feature (which will get implemented in Q1 2022), we fulfilled our product roadmap.
  4. Our other major goal for 2021 and Q4 was to finish the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB) audit and to be valued as a unicorn at over 1 billion USD. I am very excited to share that we are in the final stages of the audit, and I am confident we will pass the 2019 and 2020 audit within Q1 2022. The 2021 audit should be completed within Q2 2022. Looking at our financial results and the various discussions we have been having, Cake DeFi is worth way over 1 billion USD at the moment.
  5. Last but not least are our financial achievements, which are a direct result of the prior stated goals. Our target was to blitzscale while staying cashflow positive in 2021. I am absolutely ecstatic to announce that we crushed that goal, despite the low crypto prices in Q2 and Q4. I want to note that we may have to impair our P&L and Balance Sheet due to GAAP, pending the advice of our auditor. Nevertheless, we currently have over four years of financial runway, irrespective of crypto prices are doing.

I have actually laid out a detailed analysis of all our departments, that you can find here:

If you prefer the short and nifty version, let me finish with a quick overview:

Short-Term (upcoming quarter):

Cake DeFi would have finished integrating decentralized loans, be focused on mobile first, and ready for other DeFi ecosystems. We will double our customers and customer assets. We stay cashflow positive and would have completed our PCAOB audit for 2019 and 2020.

Mid-Term (this year):

Cake DeFi will have robo-advisorship functionality for several DeFi focused blockchain ecosystems. We 20-fold our customer base and provide them with easy access to cashflow from cryptocurrencies. We want to 10-fold our customer assets, which could put Cake DeFi on track to be worth at least 10 billion USD by this point.

Long-Term (this decade):

Cake DeFi plans to become the world’s leading investment platform into DeFi and up-and-coming alternative assets, not just enabling but also empowering people from all over the world to regain control of their finances in a simple and safe manner. Customers will be able to add any form of asset, and based on their selected parameters, an algorithm will automatically invest, re-invest and diversify their portfolio(s). By this time, the system will be fully optimized so that our customers can “just invest”, without having to worry about what and how to buy it, or when to sell.

If the roadmap for this rocketship doesn’t excite you, I am not sure what will. 2021 was already mind-blowing, and 2022 will put Cake DeFi onto the global investing landscape. Thank you for being on this journey with us.


PS.: We are hiring over 25 different roles right now:


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