Claim Your 15,000 Razer Silver in the Razer/Bake Promo

Nov 21, 2023

Claim your 15,000 Razer Silver when signing up for Bake in the new Razer promo by entering the promo code 'RAZERSILVER' when creating your account.

How It Works

1. Use the promo code 'RAZERSILVER' when signing up for your new account on the Bake registration page.

2. Verify your identity by connecting your Razer account on the campaign page.

3. The first 800 new users can claim 15,000 Razer Silver.

Important Details:

  • Offer Validity: 20 Nov 2023 - 31 Dec 2023
  • Razer ID: Connect your Razer ID the same day (or your bonus will expire after 180 days).
  • Limited Promotion: 15,000 Razer Silver Bonus is valid for the first 800 new sign-ups. Every sign-up after the first 800 will receive a 2,500 Razer Silver bonus.
  • Current Bake Users: Connect your Razer account on the campaign page to receive a 2,500 Razer Silver bonus (15,000 Razer Silver bonus applies to new sign-ups only).

Sign Up Now and Claim Your Bonus

  • If you’re new to Bake, claim your bonus by signing up with the “RAZERSILVER” promo code (and be sure to verify your account).
  • If you're an existing customer, tell your friends to go to the Bake Account Registration page and use the “RAZERSILVER” promo code to claim their bonus.

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