How To Maximize Your SUI Staking Rewards on Bake

Aug 22, 2023

Bake now offers SUI holders up to 3.5% APY* in rewards for staking their tokens.

It is a competitive rate, but why choose Bake when there are so many other options out there?

What benefits do you get from staking SUI on Bake over other platforms?

In this article, we will show you the best strategies for maximizing your SUI rewards through Bake and the advantages of Bake’s staking service.

*Rate may fluctuate depending on the supply and demand of SUI.

Why Stake SUI?

Staking SUI is a way to support the security and development of the Sui platform, as well as earn rewards on your tokens.

By staking SUI, your tokens contribute to the security, stability, and continued decentralization of the Sui network. In return, you receive a share of the rewards and transaction fees generated by the network.

Start Staking SUI on Bake: Step-By-Step Guide

How Much Can I Make Staking SUI?

The total amount of SUI you stake, where you stake, and the overall network activity all play a role in how much you can earn when staking SUI.

On average, the current annual percentage yield (APY) of SUI staking is around 2.5%*. So if you stake 1000 SUI for one year, you will receive approx. 50 SUI in rewards.


*Rate may fluctuate depending on the supply and demand of SUI.

Why Choose Bake for SUI Staking?

Five reasons to stake SUI on Bake:

  1. Control over your assets: When staking on Bake, your assets are held securely and remain under your control. You never have to worry about losing access to your tokens or exposing them to security risks.
  2. ​​True staking service: Bake is one of the few platforms that offers a true staking service. When you stake your SUI on Bake, you directly contribute to the Sui network. All staking allocations and rewards are verifiable and trackable on-chain through the Bake transparency page.
  3. Hassle-free rewards: The Bake mobile app has a user-friendly and intuitive interface that allows you to stake your tokens with just a few clicks. It is one of the easiest ways to earn competitive staking rewards on your SUI.
  4. Consistent returns: You don’t have to worry about complex calculations or manual operations to claim your rewards. Bake automatically distributes rewards to your wallet twice a day, without any extra fees or delays.
  5. Flexible withdrawal: You can deallocate your SUI tokens without penalty at any time when using the standard flexible staking option on Bake. Unstake your tokens whenever you want and receive them back in your wallet within seconds.

How to Maximize Your SUI Rewards With Bake

Although increased rewards are not guaranteed, there are some methods you can use to maximize your SUI staking rewards on Bake:

Stake more SUI: The more SUI you stake, the more rewards you receive. You can increase your staked amount by adding more tokens from your wallet or by reinvesting your rewards.

Stake early: The earlier you stake, the greater your advantage over other stakers. You can increase your chances of getting higher rewards by joining the staking pool as soon as possible.

Use Fixed-term Staking: If you are willing to lock your SUI tokens for a longer period of time, you can opt for the fixed-term staking option on Bake. This option allows you to lock your tokens from 1 month to 10 years and receive up to 2X rewards (based on the length of your lock).

Join ELITE: ELITE is Bake’s paid membership plan that offers members a way to multiply their rewards by up to 2.5X. By joining ELITE, you can boost your SUI staking rewards and enjoy other perks, such as priority email support, WhatsApp support, and exclusive access to new features and promotions.

Start staking your SUI on Bake now. If you have any questions, you contact our support team at any time. We are always happy to help you with your staking journey.

DISCLAIMER: Please note that the information on this blog and in any articles posted on this blog is for general information only and should not be relied upon as financial advice. Cake Pte. Ltd., Bake, UAB, and its affiliates (the “Cake Group”) are not licensed financial advisers. You may wish to approach your own independent financial advisor before making any decision to buy, sell or hold any product and/or digital assets mentioned in this blog.

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