Learn & Earn: Get paid to learn about your favourite crypto projects

Oct 21, 2021

We are pleased to announce the launch of our brand new “Learn & Earn” section, enabling you to earn cryptocurrencies while learning about crypto, blockchain and DeFi, in a simple and engaging way. The idea is to generate awareness of the most popular digital assets on Cake DeFi and their underlying technology by providing free courses around the most intriguing facts of each project.

Here comes the fun part now: You will be rewarded with a small amount of crypto for learning about various blockchain projects — it’s a win, win! Then you can put your earned crypto into one of Cake DeFi’s various products and services, and watch it multiply.

Here's how it works

Learn more about your favorite crypto project and earn real money!

Learn: increase your crypto knowledge in a playful manner

The entry barriers into the crypto space are still relatively high, and one of the key obstacles to entering this market is a lack of knowledge. Many are often overwhelmed and don’t know how or where to start their journey into the world of crypto — a statistic supported by various industry surveys, in which respondents often express a desire to learn more about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, but just don’t know where to start.

It’s because of this that we have launched “Learn & Earn”, so that any new user that comes to Cake DeFi is given the right tools to learn about new projects in the blockchain space. And the best thing about it — it's completely free!

Earn: a new way to acquire crypto

Cryptocurrencies can be "acquired" in two ways: Either you buy them, or you participate in a blockchain’s consensus algorithm, in which you are rewarded for mining or staking. However, this often requires a fair amount of capital investment, expensive equipment, or in some cases, both.

With our new “Learn & Earn” section, we are now introducing a third, new way for you to acquire cryptocurrencies, one that doesn’t require any upfront investment nor special equipment. This will help new entrants familiarize themselves with crypto, blockchain and DeFi, whilst earning some cryptocurrencies at the same time.

The first course: learn about DeFiChain & earn $1 in DFI

Our first “Learn & Earn” course is available today, and can be accessed here. The course is conceptualized in blocks of five lessons and takes no more than 5 - 10 minutes to complete, dealing with the most important facts about DeFiChain, the most popular blockchain on Cake DeFi that supports many of our products.

Each of the five lessons is divided into six small subsections, dealing with specific elements of the project. At the end of each lesson, you will find the option to test your accumulated knowledge by taking part in a multiple-choice quiz. For each quiz you complete and pass, new customers — who have not yet completed their KYC process — as well as a limited number of existing customers, will receive $0.2 in DFI paid directly into your Cake DeFi account. In completing all 5 quizzes, you can earn a total of $1 per course.

As part of the launch of our new “Learn & Earn” program, we are giving up to 1,000 bakers the chance to participate and earn the same reward — $1 in DFI. This will be on a first-come, first serve basis and once this threshold has been reached, bakers that have cleared their KYC can still continue to solve quizzes, but will no longer receive cryptocurrency rewards for doing so. New customers and customers, who have not yet completed the KYC process, will always be eligible for the crypto rewards payout.

We will soon also be adding more blockchain projects to “Learn & Earn”, like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

How to start the course and earn $1 in DFI

  1. Visit our new Learn & Earn page and select “Earn DFI”

2. A pop-up will appear. Click on “Start Now” at the bottom right to start the course.

3. Now starts Lesson 1, Part 1. Each part contains 1-2 paragraphs that will teach you something. Read them carefully and click on "GO TO PART X".

4. At the end of part 6 of each lesson, you click on "TAKE THE QUIZ" to start a multiple-choice-quiz, testing what you just learned.

5. Select the answer that you think is right, and click on "Submit"

6. Congrats! You just earned $0.2 after answering correctly. What you see next depends on your account status.

6a. If you are not logged in yet, click on "CLAIM MY EARNINGS" and you will get prompted to sign up to claim the $0.2 you just earned.

6b. If you are logged in already, you can just continue with Lesson 2 and claim your reward later by verifying your account (if not already verified)

7. Go through all 5 Lessons to claim your rewards, totalling in a $1 DFI reward. Click on "Complete" to finish the course.

8. Congratulations, you just earned $1 in DFI! Share the good news with your friends and help them learn & earn, too.

We hope you and your friends enjoy the quiz and wish you happy learning, earning, and baking: https://app.cakedefi.com/learn

Your Cake DeFi Team

*certain jurisdictions may be ineligible for bonuses

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