Learn About Crypto & Earn $3 in Crypto!

Apr 5, 2022

Cryptocurrencies are booming and enjoying ever-increasing popularity – at the same time, there is probably no other industry that has as much need for education as the crypto space.

With our new Learn & Earn program, we offer a safe and easy way to learn more about the world of crypto and even earn in the process. This way, you can put the knowledge you've learned into practice and test out the various opportunities that crypto investments offer. And it’s completely free!

Learn & Earn Crypto: How it works

Just go to our Learn & Earn page and start a course: currently, Bitcoin or DeFiChain are available. The Bitcoin course gives you insight into the first and largest cryptocurrency and how cryptocurrencies work in general. The DeFiChain course, on the other hand, teaches you about DeFi (Decentralized Finance), how it works and what makes DeFiChain special as a blockchain. Ethereum is coming very soon and may already be available by the time you read this post.

Each course is divided into 5 lessons that consist of 6 parts. At the end of each lesson, there is a multiple choice quiz to test what you have learned. For each right answer, you’ll get $0.2 – If you answer incorrectly, your mistake will be explained to you, and you can try it again. It’s super fast to complete the entire course – it shouldn’t take more than 5 to 10 minutes.

After the first quiz, you will be prompted to sign up for Cake DeFi. Just go through the registration process, and you can continue with the remaining questions.

To actually begin using the $3, all you have to do is verify your identity. This process is very simple and usually takes no more than a few minutes, and voilà, you have $3 in crypto in your Cake DeFi account that you can now use to get a feel for investing!

Frequently Asked Questions

In what form do I receive my rewards?
You can earn $1 for the Bitcoin, another $1 for the Ethereum, and one last dollar completing the DeFiChain Learn & Earn courses – that’s a total of $3. The $1 for completing all quizzes around the Bitcoin course are paid out in BTC-DFI Liquidity Mining tokens; the $1 for completing all quizzes around the Ethereum course are paid out in ETH-DFI Liquidity Mining tokens, and the payout for the DeFiChain course is in DFI.

What can I do with my rewards?
Your $3 bonus will be automatically invested into Cake DeFi's Freezer product for 1 month and will generate passive income twice a day, which you can use at any time. This is the perfect way to learn more about Cake DeFi's products. At the end of the one-month period, you can withdraw your Learn & Earn bonus at any time if you wish to.

Where can I find my rewards?
Your Learn & Earn bonus is automatically invested in Cake DeFi's Freezer product for 1 month and generates passive income twice a day during this time. This means that you can find your bonus under the Freezer product and can also view your balance in your wallet.

Can I continue to earn after I have successfully completed my identity verification (KYC)?
Yes, you can continue to earn even after you have successfully verified your identity (KYC). Even a successful deposit does not limit your eligibility – in fact, we encourage it! As a new customer, you are eligible for a welcome bonus of $30, and you can earn an additional $3 via our Learn & Earn.

Happy earning (and baking)!
Your Cake DeFi Team

*certain jurisdictions may be inelligible

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