Introducing cakeELITE: The Exclusive Membership Plan to Level up Your Returns

Mar 13, 2023

If you're serious about making the most of your cryptocurrency investments, then it's time to take things up a notch. That's where cakeELITE comes in. This exclusive membership plan from Cake DeFi offers an unparalleled crypto experience that's designed to help you level up your game and maximize your returns.

With its unique and exclusive offerings, cakeELITE is the ultimate crypto experience for a serious investor like you. Not only does it offer exclusive benefits and features that are not available to regular Cake DeFi users, but it's also the only crypto membership plan that offers you more returns than what you pay for. So let's take a closer look at what cakeELITE members can expect.

What does cakeELITE offer?

At rollout, cakeELITE offers two tiers, each with their own reward boosters. cakeELITE monthly is a monthly membership plan that costs US$9.99 and comes with a 2X reward booster and a monthly reward cap of US$15.

cakeELITE yearly is an annual membership plan that costs US$1,000 and comes with a 2.5X reward booster and a monthly reward cap of US$100. And that's just the beginning - we'll be adding even more benefits over time, so the value of your membership will only continue to increase.

Let's take a closer look at how cakeELITE works in action. Say you're like Ben, a long-term Cake DeFi customer with US$2,000 on the platform with an average 10% APY on those assets. That means you receive rewards worth US$15.73 every month. But as a cakeELITE monthly member, you'd enjoy a reward booster of 2X, earning an additional US$15 on top (capped at US$15).

Or, let's say you're like Leticia, with US$9,000 on the platform with an average 10% APY. That means you get rewards worth US$70.78 per month. But as a cakeELITE yearly member, you'd get an additional US$100 on top (capped at US$100 per month).

As you can see, becoming a cakeELITE member is a no-brainer for serious investors like you who are looking to maximize their returns. With the potential to earn more rewards than what the monthly or annual membership fees cost, there's no reason not to sign up today and start taking advantage of all the exclusive benefits that cakeELITE has to offer.

How does the reward booster work?

The reward booster is now applicable to all rewards earned on Cake DeFi, including our newest product YieldVault. Note that the applicability of the reward booster may be subject to change, so make sure to@ check the Cake DeFi website, including the Terms & Conditions, for the latest information.

Payouts from the reward booster will be paid in-kind, meaning you will receive them in the cryptocurrency that you have allocated, with the exception of Liquidity Mining, where payouts will be in DFI.

For cakeELITE members with allocations in BTC-DFI Liquidity Mining and ETH Staking, payouts will be in DFI and ETH. And for those who have staked DFI in Cake DeFi's 5-year or 10-year Freezer and have joined cakeELITE, the reward booster can be combined with the 2.5X or 2X Freezer reward multiplier, allowing you to earn up to 4.5X on your rewards..

The reward booster is distributed alongside your regular rewards, and you will be notified of the payouts weekly through the Cake DeFi's app transaction page. If you have auto-compound switched on for your allocated products, your cakeELITE booster rewards will be automatically compounded.

Similarly, if you have the auto-stake function enabled in Liquidity Mining, your booster rewards will be automatically staked, allowing you to maximize your returns with ease.

If you're using our tax report feature, we have good news for you. The monthly membership fee will be deducted from your rewards, so the amount shown in your tax report will only reflect the additional rewards you earned.

In summary, the Reward Boost is an excellent way to earn more rewards and get the most out of your cryptocurrency investments. As a cakeELITE member, you will have exclusive access to this benefit, making it even easier to take your investments to the next level.

What's the difference between cakeELITE and the VIP program?

Cake DeFi has two exclusive programs for its most valued customers - cakeELITE and the VIP program. The main difference is that cakeELITE is a paid membership plan that offers dedicated benefits like the reward booster, while the VIP program is free and is based on your Confectionery Score. Your Confectionery Score is derived from the total asset value in your Cake DeFi account, so the more assets you have, the higher your score and the more exclusive benefits you'll be able to enjoy.

However, we are also in the process of unifying the two programs. As a result, the VIP program will gradually be phased out and incorporated into cakeELITE to provide a superior user experience. Hence, as a cakeELITE member, you will not only be among a small circle of exclusive members, you'll also have access to a wide range of exclusive benefits that are not available to non cakeELITE members, such as the reward booster and other membership-only perks that will be introduced in due course.

How can I become a cakeELITE member?

If you're interested in joining cakeELITE, the good news is that it's open to anyone with a Cake DeFi account and who has completed account identity verification at a minimum KYC level 1. This means that if you're already using Cake DeFi to invest in cryptocurrencies, then joining cakeELITE is a simple and straightforward process.

Currently, joining cakeELITE can only be done via the web browser While we know this isn't ideal, we're actively working on expanding access to other platforms in the future.

Once you're enrolled in cakeELITE, your membership starts immediately, giving you access to all the exclusive benefits and features that come with it. And, checking your cakeELITE membership details is just as easy - simply log in to the Cake DeFi app and navigate to Settings, where you'll be able to view your membership information.

Whether you're a seasoned investor with a significant amount of cryptocurrency, or new to Cake DeFi, joining cakeELITE can help take your investments to new heights. So what are you waiting for? Sign up for cakeELITE today and take your cryptocurrency investments to the next level by utilizing the full power of the reward booster.


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