Cake DeFi: The Most Secure Platform to Invest in Bitcoin and Earn Interest?

Feb 17, 2021

Cake DeFi is one of the leading platforms when it comes to investing in and earning interest on cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

However, what many people don't know is that investing with Cake DeFi is not only incredibly easy and profitable, but also unbeatably secure at the same time!

Here are some reasons why Cake DeFi is a platform you can trust without any worries:

1. The global financial centre Singapore

Singapore is a global financial centre, with clear and strict regulations. There are few countries in the world where financial service providers are as well-regulated and closely watched in the best interest of the customer as they are in Singapore.

A big benefit specifically for Cake DeFi is that it is clear how Singapore stands on cryptocurrencies and what crypto companies like Cake DeFi have to adhere to. This is something that still raises a big question mark and brings uncertainty for most crypto companies in other countries.

On top of that, Singapore generally has such strict laws that there is virtually no crime here in general.

So with Cake DeFi, you're definitely on the safe side (of this world). :-)

2. Like a family business where you are part of the family

There is hardly any private company that is as transparent, open and honest as Cake DeFi.

Through the quarterly transparency reports, you always know exactly how Cake DeFi has developed over the past quarter and what the next planned steps are.

From small details that have been worked on, to new team members and planned products, to overall development and key performance indicators, you'll find everything there is to know about Cake DeFi in these transparency reports.

Speaking of team members, you can also find our Employee Spotlight Playlist on YouTube, where you can get to know the team and people behind Cake DeFi better.

Do you know any other financial services provider that is so transparent?

3. We will always be there for you

A big difference from many other financial service providers - especially in the cryptocurrency space - is that Cake DeFi is in such a strong financial position that the company could easily survive more than a year without any revenue at all.

Since as you can see in the transparency reports our revenues are not only stable, but practically just growing, this scenario is already extremely unlikely.

But it's always good to know that even in the worst case scenario, Cake DeFi is a sustainable, long-term safe place for your investments.

4. Our oven is safer than your bank vault

The biggest concern with investing especially in cryptocurrencies is of course the fear of security breaches and hacks.

Too often, one has heard stories about crypto exchanges that have had millions of dollars hacked.

With Cake DeFi, you don't have to worry about such incidents at all: The absolute majority of funds are stored completely offline and extremely securely in cold storage facilities, so they are virtually impossible to hack.

Only a small fraction is stored in a so-called hotwallet, which is mainly used at exchanges. This guarantees a fast and uncomplicated withdrawal process.

Furthermore, your invested capital across our Lapis products, as well as even your interest distributions, are guaranteed and insured.

There is truly no safer cake than ours!

5. Getting paid to bake is fun!

Perhaps the most impressive, and arguably the most important, is the incredible customer retention.

Once someone really starts baking with Cake, they stick with us - we see virtually no churn from customers after they're already using Cake DeFi and earning interest on their cryptocurrencies!

This incredible customer retention rate proves that Cake DeFi is not only very safe, but also easy to use and offers exactly what it promises: an easy, safe and profitable investment in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies including interest payouts.

Click here now to sign up for Cake DeFi for free and receive a $20 USD signup bonus for a limited time only!


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