Christmas Has Come Early: Claim Your Free Month of ELITE Membership

Dec 5, 2023

Bake is bringing the joy of Christmas to your doorstep a little early this year with one month of FREE ELITE membership.

In the spirit of the season, we're gifting you an opportunity to experience the premium side of Bake and gain early access to the new “Bake 2.0” investment features - complimentary.

What is ELITE Membership?

The ELITE membership is a gateway to a world of enhanced benefits and opportunities on Bake.

As an ELITE member, you will receive:

  • Early Access to Bake 2.0: Be among the first to explore the upgraded Bake app and take advantage of the exciting new experience and features that help you seize timely market opportunities.
  • Double Rewards Booster: Multiply your earnings with double rewards on Bake Earn Services.
  • Priority Customer Support: Jump the queue with fast and dedicated customer support.
  • Access to the ELITE Telegram Group: Join a community of like-minded crypto enthusiasts and experts, a perfect place for networking and gaining insights.
  • Additional Perks: Enjoy free withdrawals, reduced swap fees, and other benefits tailored for our ELITE members.

Limited Time Offer: Act Before Christmas Day

This offer is available from now until Dec 25, 2023. Claim your one-month free ELITE membership by subscribing to a monthly or yearly ELITE plan and receive a rebate on your first month and double rewards booster.

Double Rewards Booster Details

  • ELITE Yearly: 2.5X boost to 5X Reward
  • ELITE Monthly: 2X boost to 4X Reward
  • Additional Rewards Booster paid in DFI, Jan 2024

Rebate Details

  • Rebate credited to your Bake account in DFI tokens by December 31, 2023.
  • Monthly subscribers receive a rebate worth US$9.99, while yearly subscribers receive US$83 in DFI tokens.

What If You Cancel After the First Month?

If you cancel after enjoying the first free month, your account will revert to the non-ELITE version. This means you’ll lose access to the exclusive benefits, including the new Bake app features.

How to Join ELITE

Currently, signing up for ELITE is available through a web browser. Follow the simple sign-up process and step into the world of ELITE benefits.

Don't Miss Out

Elevate your crypto experience with Bake’s ELITE membership. This special holiday offer is for a limited time only, so make the most of this festive opportunity to grow, learn, and connect with like-minded enthusiasts.

Get Your Free Month of ELITE Membership Now

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas from the Bake Team! 🎄🎁

*Terms and conditions apply.


Who is eligible?

Users who have not joined ELITE membership before.

When and how will I receive the rebate?

It will be automatically credited into your Bake account before 31 Dec 2023 SGT in DFI tokens. If you join ELITE monthly or yearly, you’ll receive US$9.99 or US$83 worth of DFI back, respectively.

What happens if I cancel my ELITE membership after the first month?

Your account will return to the non-ELITE version, meaning you’ll no longer enjoy the benefits tied to your ELITE plan — including access to the new Bake app.

How do I join ELITE?

Sign-up is only available through web browser (for now).

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